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juner | 19:29 Sun 10th Jan 2010 | Internet
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I have just managed to include music within the email but even on music which lasts 90 seconds it takes a very long time to send and also to receive is there something that I should do to make it faster.The emails are on HMTL and I cannot find anything esle i should do. Can anyone help me with this please.


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A text only email will be very small compared to an email with music (or a photo) attached.

Think of a text email being one grain of sugar, an email with music is quarter pound of sugar.

So it will take longer, nothing you can do about it except reduce the size of the music file attached to the email.
No-one will appreciate having to wait an age just to listen to a piece of music, especially if it's just to be fancy and has nothing to do with the message you are sending.

If you really feel the need to include music, upload it to a filesharing site then link to it in the email.
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Thanks guys now I understand better.

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Music with emails

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