While fiddling on the internet

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lindylou16 | 11:01 Sun 10th Jan 2010 | Internet
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i must have clicked a site to clean up my PC which i canceled,But now every time i switch on my PC this wretched site comes on first asking me again.
How can i get rid. Please help thx


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I'm not a techie, I get very little spam etc, but you could try deleting your history and cookies.
What's the site called ?
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Thx 123 tried that but still comes up when i first switch on PC
Thank you for trying to help
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Billy "Speed up my PC"
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It may be when you clicked on this site it set itself as your home page. To get rid of it go to your previous home page. Choose Internet Options from the tools menu. The page you want as your home page should be highlighted in blue in the box. Click the tab below this box that says "use current". Each time you open your browser in future the page you select should open.

These instructions are for XP. Vista may be slightly different.
Whenever this sort of thing happens it's probably a good idea to run a full virus check, and also a good malware check to get rid of ads and stuff.

If it just turns out to be a home page change then you are fortunate, because any enterprise that sees nothing wrong with changing someone's home page is probably not going to see anything wrong with lots of other things.

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While fiddling on the internet

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