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tinkertontom | 12:15 Fri 28th Aug 2009 | Internet
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I am looking for a new interesting website to visit , any ideas ( no rude ones thanks )


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If I am allowed to suggest one of my own, I would say:
If I'm not allowed to say my own site then ignore me :-)
'interesting' is a very personal thing.

Go there, find a sub-section that you like, and you'll find tons of stuff there to keep you busy.
Might i suggest you google 'stumbleupon' install it, make your choice of favourite subjects, then you will have a permanent tool bar to click on whenever you have time to spare, but a word of warning it is addictive and might easily take over your life.

If you like a particular sight it takes you to click on the upward thumb to 'bookmark' it and credit the creator of the site, or if you dont like it click on the downward thumb to say why you dont like it, (there is a short selection of reasons'

You can choose random websites, or even random video sites in a selection of interesting categories based on the choices you make when you set it up, but you can change these when your interest change.

you lost me when you said not rude .... what was the question again?

this isn't rude

it's nearer to the sun (more pictures than words) than the observer ... but there are some entertaining things in there
As v551dln suggested, StumbleUpon will take you to many websites about things that interest you.

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