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nescio | 15:37 Sun 28th Jun 2009 | Internet
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I have set up an ad hoc wireless network.
My main computer (running Windows XP) is connected to the Internet via an ADSL modem, and has been set to allow other computers to access the Internet, as per the instructions.
I have a new laptop (running Windows Vista).
When I try to connect to my network, it prompts me for a key. If I enter the key I set up, it connects, but tells me that I have limited or no connectivity and if I run diagnosis and repair,, it keeps saying there is still a problem.
I have since discovered that entering ANY key of 5 or 13 characters connects me to my network, despite the network being described as secured, but again, with limited or no connectivity.

Could someone out there please tell me what I am doing wrong ?
I have been through all the setups and configurations and can find nothing obviously wrong.


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What IP addresses are listed on both computers?

click start run, type cmd into run box and hit enter, then in the command box type ipconfig and hit enter, post back the ip address details for the wireless adapter on both (when the XP box says it's connected.)
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Xp box
Vista laptop
just a pedantic point

ad-hoc wifi is the equivalent of crossover cable
so ICS would be how you connect another wifi PC
if there is a router involved - ideally you'd use infrastructure mode
(only mentioning it in case others decide to google) rking/expert/bowman_02april08.mspx
Have you enabled internet connection sharing (ICS)on the vista box?

I'm doubtful, as it would normally default the IP adress to, well I Think it's 0.1, could be 1.1, it's been a long time! but not a 169. address for sure.

AC, I've taken it at face and assumed it really is a ad-hoc they want and there is no router involved. (p.s. is ICS available on vista home or basic, just a thought to what might be nescio's problem here)
scrap the vista home/basic and ICS question..... just re-read the question, I was getting the boxes the wrong way round :)
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yes, ICS is enabled (XP box)
this has been nagging me
ics does also have a dhcp server

(The client computer(s) should now receive a private class, non-routable IP address in the 192.168.0.* address range via DHCP from the host computer and should have full Internet connectivity) _ics/serverdialup.htm
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I have set everything up from scratch, yet again and ,yet again, nothing is right.
The client (Vista) computer finds the network and connects (incidentally, despite being secured, ANY 5 or 13 character key is apparently accepted !) and tells me I have limited connectivity.
Neither computer can detect the other on the network.
The client computer has an IP address, not the expected 192.168.0.X.
I have tried disabling both firewalls, been through just about every possible permutation of settings and now, a week later, am just about at the end of my tether.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong ?

I've really never tried to do what your doing and set a XP machine to use ICS via wireless, and have not got the equipment here to try it, otherwise I would!

But it's all pointing to a wireless security problem to me, can you disable all security and try again.

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