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par2828 | 15:30 Tue 07th Apr 2009 | Internet
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hi, i need some advice on how set up a website, the cost etc. It will be for reference and not a money making site (i don't know if that makes a difference) If there is not a free or cheap way of doing it, can i offset costs with advertising many thanks


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How about creating a blog ?

It is free to create a blog from the site above.

The good thing about a blog is that you need no technical skill, you create the blog on the web so no need to upload it from your PC to the server.

You can put pictures and videos on a blog, and make it any style you like with colours, fonts and so on.

Here is a blog someone created about a World War 1 soldier

Search in Google for "blogspot" for other examples of blogs.
My first link above did not work because answerbank does not like https.

Here it is as an http
In order to setup a website you will need to understand how to create html pages, how to handle graphics and then display them on your site, and also how to upload to your web hosting server.

None of this is exactly rocket science, but some degree of technical knowledge is required.

As far as hosting your site I have always used - they are by no means stars, but their charges are reasonable, and they do provide reasonably good support.
1. Buy your domain - ion.php

2. Simple Word page filed as web page

3. Upload to website (instructions given by domain provider).

Plenty of software to help with java and html for websites - (Google opens fast because of its simplicity)
Get a free site from Google pages?
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All the advice above is good but terambulan's is least helpful to your case. Word documents act very strangely when used as webpages and can presetn you as a bit of a klutz to the great world of online.
In your position I would combine getting your own domain name with running a blog - this means that you can use your '' domain but have the ease and flexibilty of blogspot technology.
I agree with Lil O'Lady.

Word documents often create terrible HTML for putting on web sites, and far too much of it.

The reason it does this is that it needs to create enough HTML to be able to convert BACK to a Word document from the HTML if need be.

But a web page that could be created with say 30 lines of HTML produces about 300 lines of HTML when created from a Word document which makes it much slower to load.
Funnily enough I use good old Word 97 to create my web pages and it is MUCH more efficient than the later releases of Word.
if it's reference and doesn't need to be too fancy

google sites
(you need a google account!)
You can create your own website or you can achieve it by going for the domain name which works very well when compared to free blogging. Checkout this site to go for details of domain name and sites providing domain name.
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thanks for all your help here its great
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setting up a website

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