How does facebook make money

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poltergeist | 16:08 Fri 27th Feb 2009 | Internet
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Was just wondering as there are no advertisements. Is it through the applications and the adverts in those?? Is there any other way it makes money?


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Errrr, have you got an ad blocker installed?

Facebook has adverts all other it!
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You mean like pop ups?
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The only Ads I see are from applications when you use them
No, there are not many on the actual home page, but goto somebodies profile and look down the right hand side of the screen?

although I say not many on the home page... there are still a few though, I just turned my ad blocker off and got an ad for a nokia phone, MSN advertises on there, as does apple and some other very big firms.

with 175million users they can charge huge amounts for an advert on facebook.
They pass on your information to marketing companies who use the information and bombard you with junk mail and telsales and.



Thats just a crazy madcap idea.

Then again it would work if the company was owned by them you have given them your information voluntarily.

Maybe then eh ????
leg I have been on face book for a couple of years now and use my main email address for it, I am obviously very careful where else I use that address and I get 0 spam to my email so really don't think facebook sells user details for to third parties.
Not for emailing

Its merely a theory.

I did read that the biggest database on people in the uk is actually tescos

thru their reward card they have more information on peopple and their habits and spending patterns than anyone els in the uk.

obviously they store this information as it may have some financial value at some point.

im sure that facebook could also use the information it stores thru an affiliated company to offer services it knows its users may like or use.

maybe not toaay chuck

maybe not tomorrow.

but sometime.

Its certainly not beyond the realms of possibility is it?
Chuck thats with other companies.
But if facebook or anyone owns another company then they can legitemately share the information.
simple reason being they use the same database to store information and they are the same comapny.

Thta would be posssible do you think?
Only thing i found starnge wa reading thta when you delete your account they still hold all your details on their servers .you need to email saying you want everything completely removed .
otherwise if you go to rejoin , just tyope in your email addy and the accounts reactivated.

i was surprised and think its unusual if its true.
a race of small green aliens that are all called Burt landing in Accrington Stanley isn't beyond the realms of possibility.

Facebook is an American site and therefore covered by American privacy laws and they are far stricter than ours are, facebook would be hung drawn a quartered by the American courts if they where to ever sell personal user information.

incidently although tesco may hold one of the larger, if not largest consumer information database one of the worst offenders in this country for selling on customer information is BT

tesco dont sell it on.
they have now enough companies telecoms insurance travel money etc etc etc that are undoubtedly using the information.
and quite legally too

if i was facebook i might sell info on users in a certain demographic to mobile phone companies , say like 3 , who sell mobiles that you can get facebook on

theres a facbook phoen at 3 and only about 80 quid

of course facebook could claim a finders fee and 3 could get call money

in theory of course??
If you read this recent article from FORTUNE magazine, you will see that, at the moment, they don't really make much money at all. pel_facebook.fortune/index.htm

the article notes "The site pulled in estimated revenues of just $280 million last year, and sources close to the company say it didn't break even." sells_your_data.php

Quic google and

seems that they can and will be selling info

unless the telegraph is wrong.

Chuck this was the 5th answer when i googled how do facebook make money from users.

So maybe not such a daft idea ?

time will tell and its looking more likely than the wee green men
at the moment anyways
Chuck...I think your aliens landing in Accrington Stanley is a bit of a longshot, Accrington maybe, but to land "in" a football team is going to take a lot of planning
And of course, one of the major financial backers of Facebook is the CIA (really!)
that's a nice link, did you look past the attention grabbing headline and actually read the article??

if you do I suggest you then go and read up on Engagement Ads... you have to click on the ad and opt in to it basically.

(camioneur, get enough aliens called Burt together and who knows what they could do :))
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Sorry chuck i never wrote the article

i did read that folk were complaining that if they register as gay they ae bombarded by adds for gay cruising or try a free ipod or i phone

so as im not a user i must take their word for it

still the telegraph may be wrong?

But at least i cant get the blame for that.

CAN I �?�?
I have been on facebook for a while and recently I became a fan of Yoville ( yes I am sad ) and pet society ,on these games if you want to buy things you can use the money you make on the game, but if you run out of money to play or want something badly you can buy money through pay pal Im sure facebook must get something back if this helps?

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