Facebook query - help needed

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Joanne81 | 18:23 Mon 05th Jan 2009 | Internet
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I know that when you upload your piccys that theres a disclaimer re you owning the rights to the pic blah blah

My question is....can other people copy your piccys from Facebook?



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Yes, if they are on your friends list or if you upload them to any one of the thousands of applications facebook use.
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So only my friends can view my piccys then? That's a relief.
only if you've set your profile to "visible to my friends only".. otherwise it's there for the whole world!

check your settings.
Well a friend of mine at work said someone hacked her account through an application and could see right into her personal stuff, she took everything off after that!
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OK am going to be really dumb here but how do I check my settings?

FB newbie
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Someone can hack into FB? Isn't it secure then?
click on setting in the top right corner an select privacy settings. and set them all to friends only

and yes your facebook account can get hacked... it is fairly rare it happens though.
click on "settings" (top right) "privacy settings" then "profile" and click whatever you decide to limit who can see parts or all of your profile.

no idea about the hacking thing, sorry.
Need to type faster Sara :) x
is anything completely secure on the web? hardly - hackers get into bank's systems too

dont post any embarrassing pics and you wont have many worries

I dont even have my full name on that site
there are plenty of embarrassing pictures of me on there... mainly thanks to my so called friends from school :)

googled your question and this came up

apparently its possible

i dont understand alll this but click and read if u want.
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Ta for all the answers. The only embarassing piccys are of my dad on Newyears day!
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Clicked and read it however the page is about hacking your own account as far as I can gather. k_into_someone's_hotmail_account_and_facebook_ account

this guy says he will help you hack accounts so i imagine it is definitely possible
Chuck, you're such an anorak!

I had to go check, you just know everything!
My friend had photos of her kids on there and another user told her she shouldn't put photos like that up as there are some weird people on that site! Why would someone else want someone they don't know photographs?
hmmmm.... I can't really even use work as an excuse for knowing where the setting is in facebook can I ;)
Im not even on facebook and some gys on there took pictures of me from knobbys sons facebook page from knobbys stag do.
There are some strange folk on there btw.

D T H?
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Facebook query - help needed

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