Facebook query - help needed

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Joanne81 | 18:23 Mon 05th Jan 2009 | Internet
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I know that when you upload your piccys that theres a disclaimer re you owning the rights to the pic blah blah

My question is....can other people copy your piccys from Facebook?



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There Legend has answered your question Joanne81. Other people can copy your pictures, so maybe you should think twice before posting.
knobby dont.

all im saying is if folk can seee them then they can save them.

forget the specifics of who i was only saying it had been done to me and i didnt even have a fcebook membership.
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I'm going to review my friends list and make sure that they are only people that I trust in that case. Its kinda shocking that folks hack into others accounts and/or copy personal photos.
Id imagine its like myspace.
i used to have an account there .
some folk on my list had their friends join my myspace
then i started getting strange emails and also stuff posted from there on answerbank.
i shut it down.
Thats also why im very suspicious and negative about facebook.They are very similar in that respect.

As long as youre happy then continue to use it.
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Changed my settings, reviewed my list of friends and now am sorted! Ta for all the ansers.

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Facebook query - help needed

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