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madrid man | 23:13 Sat 03rd Jan 2009 | Internet
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Is it possible to change the type in Language on your Computer from English to another Language. I guess you can, but how?


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On Windows XP:

Start > Control Panel > Language and Regional Options
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I should have explained myself clearer. What do i do when i want to send an e-mail to Iran, and they recieve it in Persian. Is this possible?

the best you can do is run it through a translator before sending (or the receiver does it on receipt of it)

but then you will get all sorts of strange results, different languages are not structured the same way so any "automatic" translator will not read correct to the recipient as it will do a literal translation without taking into account the basic differences in how the language is structured..

Try it out by using babel ( )

Translate a paragraph to another language and then translate the result back to English and it will be totally different to the original English text.

Load the Persian language character set and type in Persian. Guaranteed to work.
yes that would work.... I was assuming they don't actually speak persian :)

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