Delivery of DEMON mail from ONE account to two SEPERATE pcs

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philg | 21:45 Sun 07th Dec 2008 | Internet
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Hi there My wife and I both have eMail address, but whe share my domain at So far this is not a problem as I only have one pc where I collect mail for both of us BUT After Christmas (if she is lucky) my wife will have her own laptop SO, it would be useful if I could collect my mail from our "shared" Demon mail server on my pc, and she could collect hers (from the SAME mail server) on her machine I cannot see how to do this with Outlook Express Is it possible? Is it possible with any other mail client?? Thanks Phil G


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No idea if it is possible with Outlook Express, but I used to do just that with Pegasus. When I was using it there was an option to have a layout similar to Outlook, but it;s a few years since I used it and things may have changed.
Do you mean that you have a single e-mail account that you share, or that you have separate e-mail accounts on the same domain?

If the latter, then I can't see what your problem is.

If the former, then you just need to configure both machines to collect from the same account but In the advanced properties check the box "Leave a copy of messages on the server" so that each of you can collect ALL the email. You will also need to check the box "Remove from server after..." and set the number of days to be slightly greater than the frequency at which you check your mail.
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It's the latter - BUT we only want to see OUR OWN MAIL on our respective pcs

I think your option downloads ALL mail in both places, which is not what we want to do
I don't follow you. If you have two separate mail accounts, then you just configure 1 PC to collect from 1 account, and the other to collect from the second.
It's just occurred to me that your problem may be in configuration of your server.
Most small business and personal hosting packages are setup by default with a "catchall" account, so it doesn't matter what people type before the @ everything for you domain is dumped in a single account.

However, there is usually an option in your hosting control panel to set up individual accounts.

e.g When my personal domain was set up, anyone could e-mail me at [email protected], [email protected], and so on.

When my wife finally decided to move into the 21st century, I went to my control panel and set up 2 accounts, [email protected], [email protected]

At that point I was given a choice of what to do with any other mail that arrived: re-route it to one of the accounts, bounce it, or junk it. As I am awash with spam, I chose to junk it.

Once you have set up individual mail accounts on the server, it's trivial to set each machine to collect mail only from the appropriate account.
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I just got a note from Demon customer services

It turns out it's EASY!!

I have a Demon domain (let's call it "mydomain") and two eMail addresses

[email protected] and [email protected]

By default, when Outlook Express retrieves mail from mydomain it gets ALL mail regardless of who it is addressed to


In the Account setup, where I would normally enter just the domain name, if I put me+mydomain it ONLY gets eMail for [email protected] etc.

Similarly, on my wofes pc, I have thewife+mydomain (rather than just mydomain) and it then only fetches her eMail to her pc

Works like a charm :)

Phil G
using your method above Phil then I would recommend that every now and then you check the mail server with an account setup to receive everything.

Otherwise any mails that are not addressed specifically to either you or your wife will never get downloaded and removed from the server and will slowly start to fill up the mailbox
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Indeed - good point

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Delivery of DEMON mail from ONE account to two SEPERATE pcs

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