How can I shut down a fraudulent website from the inside out?

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DrJustice | 11:17 Tue 23rd Sep 2008 | Internet
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There is a subscription adult dating site I was once a member of called Every single reply or show of interest from other members turned out to be completely fake or pre-fabricated. Even though I canceled my subscription as well as deleted my account months ago, I still receive so called "messages" and "buddy invitations" from them on a regular basis to this day. I keep contacting them trying to straighten this issue out, but get no response in return, they simply keep ignoring me, and their junk mail keeps piling up.

So what do you do about a fraudulent, money hungry, misleading website like this one from whom you get nothing but a headache in return?
Here are two of my own ideas: (I'd like to hear yours as well)
1. start a blog like this one about it
2. scramble/diffuse/delete, or literally destroy their website from the inside out. The only problem is I don't know how to do that, and could use some help in that regard.

Please leave your suggestions, comments, or detailed instructions on how to destroy a website like theirs from the inside out, or perhaps a link to such instructions. I'm seeking my own internet justice, and their unethical, misleading, and fraudulent business practices must be stopped, and in my opinion stopped via way of some good old fashioned revenge by giving'em a taste of their own medicine. Bon'Apetite to them!


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If these messages are costing your nothing, simply set up your email so that the emails are bounced straight back to them without reaching your inbox and block the text messages so you can't receive them.

Life is too short for revenge - you have better things to do with your time and energy
Some dating sites in Australia were successfully convicted of fraud when it was proven the messages being sold to clients were fake. They had to pay out a lot of money.

Also under SPAM laws they must offer an unsubscribe mechanism. Failing to provide this or continuing to send mail after unsubscribing is an offence attracting fines up to tens of thousands of dollars. I would suggest contacting the communications authority in your country to see if your laws are similar to Australia.
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You're absolutely right. I'm going to see if Yahoo mail has the option for making unscrupulous senders' emails bounce back to them. In hindsight, even though I mentioned revenge, the main reason for shutting them down wouldn't have been revenge, it would plain and simply be to stop those annoying emails and save other people the hassle of dealing with this sorry excuse for a company, that's all.

Thanks for your response Ethel.

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How can I shut down a fraudulent website from the inside out?

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