BT Home Hub Increse in Range

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keyplus90 | 23:11 Fri 18th Apr 2008 | Internet
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I have BT home hub wireless in my box room at the front of the house. Right at the back of my home I have an annexe where I want to use my wireless laptop. But signals there are very low. What is the best way to increase the signals. I have seen two things on ebay, Booster Antenna and those adapters where one plugs near router and the other in any electric socket to give you ethernet connection (called homeplug adaptors). Has anyone used one of these or any other way to solve this problem. Thanks


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Have you tried changing the channel that the router uses to send and receive the wireless signal? There are 13 channels, try choosing a different one in the home hub.

This can be done by accesing the Home Hub page (type into your browser address line), select 'Advanced', then 'Configuration', then 'Wireless' and choose a different channel. The wireless card on the laptop should automatically identify the new channel.

Try each of the 13 available and see if you get a stronger signal - I had a similar problem and found a different channel helped improve the range.

A second option is to use a Homeplug adapter. This is a clever device that uses your home mains electricity circuits as a network. You plug one device into a mains socket (this can be into a multi plug if necessary), and connect it to the router ethernet socket. You plug the second one into a mains socket in the room where the laptop is(or multiplug), and connect it to the laptop ethernet socket (this solution will not use the wireless network card).

The benefit of this approach is that it does not have a range limitation - as long as the second room is in the same wiring circuit, the laptop will connect to the Home Hub as if it was directly connected with a wire.

These Homeplugs can be obtained from various sites (see e-buyer at for �45 + delivery), or you could always ask BT to send you their BT Vision box for �30, it includes a set of these homeplugs and the necessary wires.
homeplug kicks bottom .... works anywhere ... as long as you have electrickery and if yo share files ... runs at up to 200Mb/s

if you're thinking of using it in the garden this summer a repeater is better
if you are at a loose end
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Thank you very much every one. Seemslike Homeplugs are the solution as I have same wiring circuit. Repeater sounds good too. But from whatever all lf you said and looking at the products. I think homeplugs I could even use in the garden as I have mains plug there.

Thank you all, really appreciate it.

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BT Home Hub Increse in Range

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