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booboo67 | 00:04 Fri 16th Nov 2007 | Internet
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i've been having a tidy up in and around my pc this evening and i clicked on network connections. i had my normal LAN and high speed connections icon that says its connected and firewalled etc. but there was one above it called internet gateway that is connected. i have no idea what this is so i clicked on properties and it said it had been connected for 5 days 3 hours 20 mins. well 5 days 3 hours and 20 mins ago i was in birmingham and there was no one in the house. i clicked on settings and it said something about msn, so i deleted it. but i cannot shut down the connection. i have tried everything. can anyone help me with understanding what internet gateway is, and how it got on my computer and how i get rid of it or disable it.


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Does this throw any light on it? Device

What router do you have? Mine is a Linksys and I don't have that connection.

This tell you how to turn it off. _ics/internetgateway.htm

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internet gateway

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