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dan no1 | 21:57 Thu 02nd Aug 2007 | Internet
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How did everyone come across the Answerbank?

I came across it when i was looking on google how maltesers were made and one of the links took me to a post on here asking the same question!!


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Trying google for an answer of a crossword in a newspaper that I am not prepared to admit that I buy.
Hi dan , came across it in March when I googled looking for music to an advert , been hooked ever since :-)
Do you know, I have no idea! Good question though and I am very glad I did! Mainly because of people like bigmamma ;) x
Same as bigmamma.....googling for tv ad music...about 2 years ago :)
Hi there :-) I came accross it when looking for crossword answers, is vg for some of the more obscure general (?) knowledge ones :-)

BTW I love maltesers too!
I came across it when i was googling to find out which song was used on a tv programme and it's one of the best websites i've come across.
I remember very well how i found AB, was through google. I was asking about cheating boyrfriends cos it was a time when i was in despear and i was so glad to find this site, was end of last year.
I will add i felt alot better after getting some kind and friendly advice. I am now hooked.
I think it was a website of the day on Steve Wright's show, but I might have dreamt this and actually got it by googling.

Am I getting senile?
Hi Dan

I have a Malteser connection! I wanted to know if anyone remembered Mintesers, and put Answer question (or something) in Google.
Same as bigmamma, trying to find out who sings the ad for NSPCC, embarrassingly enough.
I was looking for somewhere to post this question: n140971.html

Despite the helpful suggestions of several ABers, I still haven't found a 'perfect' answer to the question a 12-year-old asked me over 30 years ago ;-)

i was on whatsthattune and someone had a link to here
I found this site thru google too.i was searching for the current ipod ad music of the time and as posted above someone had asked a similar question on here.
Wish I could remember (have often pondered this question! - have been on here since Feb 2005). Probably was through Google looking for an answer to a Crossword clue. Like a lot of people, couldn't do without this site.

Good question dan.
i found it doing homework (yawn) it is now my fave site wiv facebook and youtube


My oldest son put me on to it. I think he must have been tired of all the calls I used to make to him at work re my computer problems!
It is now my favourite site and I have learned so much from it from so many nice people. I check the questions and answers almost every day.

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