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Stevie | 09:51 Wed 20th Jun 2007 | Internet
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Hi folks

Can anyone personally recommend a music download site or sites please ?

I have heard LimeWire is a good un', but can anyone suggest others please ?




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First of all, there's no such thing as a free music download site. Any site which actually hosted copyright music files on their servers would soon find that they were facing multi-billion dollar law suits.

Free (and usually illegal) music downloads are achieved through a number of peer-to-peer networks. With these networks, your PC is connected directly to someone else's PC, not to a central server.

The most popular network is Gnutella. There are various software 'clients' which enable you to connect into the Gnutella network. The most popular is Limewire. (i.e. Limewire is a program, not a website). Some people like it but others prefer alternative clients, such as Morpheus, FrostWire, Shareaza or Bearshare.

Links to all of the clients which can connect into Gnutella, are here:

Gnutella's main rival network is eDonkey. Some Gnutella clients (e.g. Morpheus and Shareaza) can also access eDonkey. However, by far the most popular client is eMule: .cgi?l=1

Many people recommend a third network, BitTorrent, as being technically superior. The most popular client for accessing this network is probably BitComet:

Shareaza might be a good program to try, because it can connect into all three networks.

Chris is sure the best place to download from the Internet., especially since the databases are so huge, downloads easy, and I was provided with all burning software I needed.. I love this site!

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Thanks folks !!

yup, limewire is no good at all, i recommended you not to use it, because there are more virus, spyware in that p2p application, for save use to download mp3 on the internet try to search in, i love this site because i can download free mp3 and it's perfectly save, try this tutorial to do so : l/How%20to%20Download%20Mp3%20On%20the%20Inter net

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Also try
Platinum is better than Limewire

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