Free online postcode map wanted

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Solarjunkie | 19:30 Wed 11th Apr 2007 | Internet
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I want to look up the general postcodes of the areas surrounding my home, but all I can find is pricey maps intended for business use. I just want a look! Any ideas gratefuly received.


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You can't i'm afraid; subject to much debate.
Sorry, just checked what I sent you, not what you wanted.
As fo3nix has indicated, full postcode maps are only available on a commercial basis.

However, if you only need to know a few local postcodes, you can use the Royal Mail's postcode finder. It only allows you to perform a maximum of 12 searches per day but it might be of use to you: der

Here are a couple of hints:
1. It's possible that the postcode finder might check how many addresses you've tried by setting cookies on your PC. Try deleting your cookies (or looking for the relevant ones and just deleting those) and you might be able to carry out unlimited searches.

2. Most roads only have a single postcode. (e.g. 23 Acacia Avenue will have the same postcode as 46 Acacia Avenue). Only very long roads will normally have more than one postcode. (Sometimes this is different for 'odd' and 'even' addresses but, more usually, different lengths of the road will have different addresses).

If by "general" postcodes you mean the first half only e.g. N22 for London, Wood Green, then this may be useful. (at some scales) shows the borders and labels postcodes in red.
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Thanks all, but yes Phil, that is what I want, just the first part, but I can't see any of them on streetmap, does it only show them on some areas of the *******? I picked a large city & went through all the scales but no luck yet. In fact the need for them has passed, but it may come in handy again in the future.
I must admit I'm only familiar with London - here's a complete URL for Muswell Hill scaled with 500m grid. You should see N22 and N8 labelled.

Happy hunting, I've been playing with it a bit and think maybe it is only London!... &y=190460&z=2&sv=529705,190460&st=4&mapp=newma p.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=529705&ay=19046 0
Hi - there are free online Postcode maps now available at:

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Free online postcode map wanted

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