spyware attacks

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tali122 | 21:05 Sat 24th Feb 2007 | Internet
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iv ran scans with avast av , spybot , adaware se and ewido but im getting bombared with "uplift your search" , "wincleaner", "drive cleaner" and loads of adverts sitting in my taskbar such as debtbuster which are slowing down my pc , had more of these in 3 days than i have in 3 years of surfing- what is causing this ?-why are all my securiry software so hopeless only new install was google toolbar - thats telling me its blocking pop ups - but its far worse since i had google toolbar . V confused


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Sounds like there's some other program open that's opening these things. Are they in Internet Explorer windows?

And do you use firefox for browsing?
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thanks foxnix , yes they are in i explorer - never had these probs before with i exp. Not using mozilla -should i install it?
I've cleaned up a few PCs with persistent spyware/adware/popups and I've found that Windows Defender ( has done the best job at removing them...

Failing that, do a Google search for the name of the pests that keep popping up ... e.g search for "Wincleaner removal" or "drive cleaner removal" to find specific instructions for those.

Also, right-click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager and look in the processes tab to see if there's anything suspicious running.... (just google the names of the processes if you're not sure what they do!)
tali: yes, while it won't help your current problem, using firefox generally is a good idea. It's far better (and more secure) than IE.

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spyware attacks

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