Is This Email Message Genuine ?

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derekpara | 12:37 Fri 06th May 2022 | Internet
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I quote in full, and exactly as written, an email purporting to be from 'Admin (then a name ) [email protected]' and not sure if it's genuine and safe to click the link. My quotation marks but their punctuation etc. Any advice welcome.

'You have (8) incoming messages returned to our Admin Server due to a temporary old version on Mailbox, kindly upgrade your email address to the New Latest Virgin Media Version. You are required to update through the link below.'


'Once you upgrade to a new version of Web-mail, your incoming Email will reflect within 24hrs.'

I'm with Virgin Media, who I haven't contacted yet, and use Thunderbird for emails. Firefox browser. W10.

Cheers. D


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deffo fishing
they are trying to get hold of your email address and password
Contact Virgin to ascertain if the message is genuine.
If the sender has a Gmail address, then it is obviously not genuine.
Question Author
Thanks to you all. It's as I suspected and has been appropriately eliminated.

Cheers. D
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"kindly upgrade your email address"

That should tell you all you need to know ...
Scam clearly
I get them regularly
they ar tryiing to access your email

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Is This Email Message Genuine ?

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