Should I Change My Provider

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Ric.ror | 08:35 Sat 09th Apr 2022 | Internet
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I am currently with BT paying approx £50 per month. This also includes use of a landline which is unused (no phone plugged in). I use Wi-Fi all the time - that is for streaming all tv and radio. Now I’m floundering with this question- basically I’d like to know if I can get the same standard of service cheaper
Any help would be very gratefully received


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Difficult to answer as not all providers are available in all areas. Try one of the many comparison sites
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But what do I need to look for
For instance some offer 10mbs whist some offer 100mbs. Now what I need to know is would I be able to reduce my mbs without losing the quality of service?
You haven’t said if you have things like BT TV.

You also haven’t said if you have standard broadband or fibre.
I only pay for broadband, no TV package, as I only stream on a smart TV or PC. I get around 50 Mbps costs me £25 a month with Plusnet.
If you have a TV package included then it would be case of shopping around, comparison sites are useful for broadband / broadband and TV packages.
I am lucky to have Virgin cable so I get 111mb broadband, TV and landline (which I don’t use) for £37/month.
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Sorry - I should have added that I don’t have a tv package in with my broadband as I have Now TV and Netflix and I want enough width (I think) to still provide these services without buffering. Also I don’t game but like to watch tv most of the time via my iPad in my bedroom. I am in a one bed flat and the hub is only in the next room to my bedroom

Hopeless aren’t I
If the £50 is just for broadband and phone, definitely too dear.

I’m about £26 for broadband and home phone with anytime calls

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Should I Change My Provider

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