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pussyfoot | 07:12 Tue 14th Sep 2021 | Internet
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I want to buy a sofa online that's on sale till 16th Sept. They are awaiting stock that won't arrive until 10th Nov. Do you have any rights online paying for items so far in advance if you wanted to cancel for any reason. I know in high street stores you get a cooling-off period.
I can't think of a reason I would want/need to cancel but as I've never bought any larger expensive
items online before I just want to know the rights.
I will pay cash not credit if that makes a difference.


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Unless the sofa is being made to order you can cancel the order anytime before delivery and up to 14 days after
How will you pay cash if you order online? Do you mean with a debit card?
You have far more rights if you pay even just the deposit with a credit card if the total cost of the sofa is over £100.
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Yes Barry, sorry I wasn't clear I did mean with a debit card. Would it be better with a credit card then, as I could do either?
pay with a credit card then they'll fight your corner later if need be.
Definitely buy it with a credit card.

Although why a company has on sale in September an item they won't even get into stock until November ... it makes the sale itself sound a bit fake. It may be worth shopping around to see if you can find somewhere else that's got an equivalent sofa in stock now.
If you pay by credit card and the company goes bust before delivery you will get your money back. If the company goes bust after delivery and there is a problem with the suite, you will get your money back. The credit card company is jointly liable for the goods under s.75 Consumer Credit Act - which is why I pay for everything over £100 with a credit card and pay it in full each month. No extra cost to me, a whole heap of problems avoided
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Thanks, Ellipsis I know what you mean, the company is so I'm thinking they should be ok. Just trying to avoid anywhere with an s or d or f in the name as an appalling experience.
Thank you all.
Isn't a catalogue company?
Why do you have to pay in advance, I thought you would only pay when it's been delivered.
Are you sure you have to pay in advance? Last year we bought a sofa and chair from a leading store 'on sale'. We paid a deposit, but the items were not delivered until 10 weeks later, when we paid the remaining amount. The sofas were made to order, and we were happy to wait as we got 40% off the normal price (and this was a true reduction as we saw them in store later for the normal price). Very is a cheap catalogue company -I would be wary and personally would never buy a high ticket item like a sofa without seeing it and sitting on it first.
you can buy things from very as a "pay now" arrangement
why would you want to do that?
why not?
i use topcashback and last christmas wanted to buy a nintendo switch. For TCB you have to pay for things full at the time, and they had an offer on with i think it was 10% cashback, so i paid in full with a cc
^^ rathern than an account that is

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Buying Online Rights

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