Is This A Scam?

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Palustris | 16:19 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Internet
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Email purporting to be from Amazon saying we have been selected to enter a prize winning competition. Think it is a Scam. anyone else had it?
Have forwarded it to Amazon but no response from them as yet.


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Personally have never had this one but would be wary
Had plenty of scam phone calls purporting to be from Amazon but never had any e-mails.
If it feels like a scam then it probably is.
It sounds like a classic phishing attempt to me.

Click on 'show all headers' or similar to see the full details of where the email came from. (With my webmail provider, one has to click on a tiny 'i' information button to access the information but every email service should have some way or other of getting to the full details).

A genuine email from Amazon will show something like this in the extended headers: "Received: from ([])"

If the 'received from' field shows something very different (not including 'amazon' anywhere in it) then it's definitely a fake.
Did they address you by name? If not it's a scam.

Check the exact address the email was sent from; if it's not it's fake.
I had one today purporting to come from Amazon saying they had received my order and that £300+ Will be taken from my account. I had one of these before, so I rang off after £300 will.. as I knew they would say I had t call back with my details!
Third scam call this week, I must be on the list!
Yes, it is a scam
I have had 3 emails like yours too! Look at the avatar next to your email, it is not Amazon.
As far as I know, and confirm on their website, Amazon do their prize draws on twitter only
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Thought it was a phishing attempt. Sent it to Amazon and deleted it.
Thanks folks!
you get selected and a prize and then have to pay up front etc
I got an email last week asking me to confirm,an order for a £1200.00 computer. It said rhey were querying because the server was showing Chatham, Kent. I ignored it, on advice, and you've just reminded me I need to send it to their phising site. They still haven't taken the money.
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