Iphone 6S Transfer To Iphone Xs Transfer

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riptide | 15:19 Thu 12th Nov 2020 | Internet
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I have a payg iPhone and use it through my broadband at home. I now want to set up a new iPhone and have put my SIM card into it, but obviously, at the moment, it does not have wi-fi. How do I set this up please. Thanks. I tried the assistant technique and it does not work.


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1 Tap Settings from the Home screen.
2 Tap Wi-Fi.
3 Tap the Wi-Fi switch to enable the feature.
4 Set up or select the wireless network you want to use.
All available Wi-Fi networks within range of your iPhone X will be shown after enabling Wi-Fi. ...
5 If prompted, enter the network password then tap Join.
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I tried the data transfer from one phone to another and sadly, it did not work, I presumed it was because it was a payg phone and does not have broadband on it away from the house, therefore when I put the SIM card in the new iPhone there is no broadband to download the information to the new phone. Sorry not very good at explaining myself, but until I can get broadband connected to the new phone I cannot download anything, presume I will have to set it up manually. I cannot get to Settings until the iPhone is set up.
My iPhone is payg it was no problem to transfer from one to he other. Just go to settings on your phone ...Tap Wi-fi it will show all available select your own broadband there and tap it then put in your broadband password of the router. Then set up our phone. Transfer should then work
Remove the SIM from the old phone and insert it into the new one. Boot up the new phone and go through the setup process. Then turn it off and remove the SIM, returning it to the old phone. Your new phone will then be able to connect to your wifi.
I recently had cause to transfer the data from my sister-in-law's Samsung Galaxy tablet to her new tablet. There was an App in Google's PlayStore expressly for this purpose. The App needed to be installed on both devices and the old tablet set to transmit the settings, and the new one to receive. All done and dusted in around fifteen minutes.

Is there such an App on Apple's equivalent of PlayStore?
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Okay thanks, will set it up manually in the morning, spent hours on it today and had enough of it for one day. I have backed my old phone up to iCloud, so should only lose the apps and texts.

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Iphone 6S Transfer To Iphone Xs Transfer

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