Youtubes Stopping.

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Khandro | 11:24 Sat 10th Oct 2020 | Internet
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Lately on my Panasonic smart TV YouTubes keep stopping & leaving the YouTube channel completely. This doesn't happen on my computer.

Has anyone experienced this, & does anyone know how to prevent it happening please?


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I'd guess it's the link between your router and the TV. Is it wireless or have you connected with an ethernet cable? If wireless it could be that the TV is in a black-spot as far as the router wi-fi is concerned.
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bhg. Thanks, it's connected by a cable, perhaps I should check the connections?
After the loss of the video & forced exit from the YouTube channel, I start it again (& hope to find what I was watching!) & after once or twice of this, it tends to remain on the video.
Does sound like a comms issue. Were I you, I'd try a new cable. Or look into whether one can use wireless.
Is it possible to update the app on the TV? If so, try doing that.
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flobadob; Yes, that was the problem. I had to re-register myself online & enter the code I was given on to the TV, but it always worked & still does without that on my computer. I now get adverts (once) before I can get access - which can be switched off after a few seconds. Thanks to all.

Why I must have to have ads on the TV set & not on the computer remains a mystery.
All these apps start out free but you can get paid for accounts without ads.

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Youtubes Stopping.

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