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Khandro | 17:01 Sun 19th Jan 2020 | Internet
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If I watch a YouTube on my TV alone, like the content & think Mrs K would like to see this, so I stop it maybe half-way through. When I return to it so we can watch it together from the start, it automatically returns to where I left off & I can see no way to watch it from the start.

Does anyone know of a way around this please?


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On clicking on the screen don't controls, like the position slider, come up for view/use ?

Failing that refresh the webpage.
Explained here under 'Play & Control'
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Thanks Mamya, I'll try that later. x
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Mamya; Looked at that ^, but there seems to be no provision for re-starting a youtube when you are half-way through (which could be say 30 mins or more in) other than clicking backwards at 10 seconds at a time.

Leave it & return even a month later & you are returned to where you left off. Maddening!
I've just tried it on my Samsung TV Khandro. I started playing, then pressed the Stop button, then the Rewind button several times and it rewound in big chunks each time I pressed it. Took no time at all. Have a go.
If all else fails, treat yourself to a Chromecast. Then you can control the Youtube you're watching on your TV from your phone or PC (assuming you have a wifi router in your house).

HD one is £30:
4K one is £69:
^^ Sorry Khandro, I should have mentioned at 10.56 the buttons I am pressing are on the Remote Control. Just press Rewind a few times instead of once.

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Rewinding Youtubes

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