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jamesnan | 23:44 Tue 03rd Jan 2017 | Internet
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My husband wants to know where is the worst place in the UK for internet connection - he wants to move there!!!!!


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//The worst place in the UK for broadband is the village of Miserden in Gloucestershire where the internet speed is lower than base camp at Mount Everest.//
Is he an internet widower, jamesnan?
It sometimes feels like it's a small village in Fife!!
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He just does not have the mental connection to the computer that I do, and uses it purely as an encyclopedia. I love to play Scrabble, and chat to various friends around the world, and would be heartbroken if my connection was lost!
As far as I am concerned, the internet has changed my world, and I expect the worlds of most other people on the planet....I too would be completely lost without my connection. Its very good these as well....about 50 mega pixies most of the day !

And you can't have too many pixies now can you ?
an answerbanker's post from Miserden will appear around lunchtime

I'm sure that you will miss him then :-(
Try here. We have neither line based internet nor a decent mobile phone signal.
Where is here Palustris ?
They couldn't say - connection dropped out.
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