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Oldred | 15:46 Mon 28th Nov 2016 | Internet
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Unable to access on machines using W7 or W10 - IE, Firefox or Edge browsers, Google or Bing search engines.

In all available combinations 'This page cannot be displayed' and Malwarebytes kicks in with 'Malicious website blocked'.

Can't find any indication of problems an sites which monitor availability of other sites and as Mrs OR can connect on her Hudl I assume a Windows related problem.

Any ideas please?


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Explained here:
17:01 Mon 28th Nov 2016
does Malwarebytes normally block things, Buenchico, or does it have an antivirus programme that does it? I run mine occasionally to make sure no evil has befallen my computer; but it's not blocking Wikipedia for me.
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Many thanks - I have to admit that I had not considered checking from the Malwarebytes angle. I did search to see if anyone else had a problem but nothing came up.
If you are using the free version it is not active and does not monitor your activity in the background so can not block anything
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jno - I suspect it is because I have the Premium paid for version which monitors web activity. For what it costs I like the extra security as I stream quite a lot of sport on line and I am never sure how safe these sites are.

Just checked, BT + W10 + McAfee No problem.
Finished weekly scan with Free version of MWBs. about 1500, nothing found.
The 'paid for' Malwarebytes is over sensitive and there is a lot to be said for the free version; which I use.

Is it Not possible to temporarily deactivate your Malwarebytes when accessing Wikipedia.? It might solve your problem because you would know that all was clean and safe to enter Wiki because your Malwarebytes had Not reported anything untoward on your equipment.

for what it's worth, Oldred, I have AVG antivirus running all the time, and it sometimes blocks suspicious websites, and Malwarebytes, which I only run every couple of weeks to make sure I haven't picked up any malware, but which is switched off most of the time. Both of these are free. AVG only very rarely blocks anything, invariably because I've clicked on a link to a site I know nothing about (clicking on links is what the internet is all about, after all) but which it thinks is dodgy.

Niether of them blocks Wikipedia for me. Norton antivirus used to block the Adverts section of AB, though.
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jno - I also run AVG and Malwarebytes following recommendation by my local PC 'guru'.

The reason I went to Premium was because I thought that for a one-off payment of less than £20 to get live monitoring of internet activity I was getting value for money having had some interventions on sports sites which gave me concern.

Hans - thanks for your input. I think Buenchico has covered the point that you raise. I'm sure you are right about Malwarebytes being over- sensitive but I would rather err on the side of caution.

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