Symbols Not Available On The Keyboard

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Lynn_M | 10:46 Mon 29th Feb 2016 | Internet
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Where can I get them from? I know there's a downloadable app that would allow me to use them, but I don't know what it's called

The sort of symbols I'm talking about are things like vulgar fractions, musical notes (quavers, crotchets etc), stars etc.

Over to you, good people


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Does this help?
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Interesting. But what do they mean by this instruction:

"Make sure that you switch on the Number Lock on your keyboard."

"Number Lock?" Would that be the 'Caps Lock?'
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I've found the 'Number Lock,' it's on part of the keypad that I never use. I still can't get it to work, though
What type of device are you using?

most keyboards have a "Num Lock" key
Lynn..the "alt" key is bottom left of keyboard, should be next to or near space bar.

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use the numbers to the right of main keyboard.
What sort of keyboard have you got? Has it got an additional numerals pad on the right (known as an extended keyboard) or have you got a basic keyboard layout?

Extended keyboards should have a 'Num Lock' key somewhere near or just above Numeral 7 on the additional pad. If you've got the basic keyboard you will need to press 'Alt' and the Fn key and then enter the No's required.
Think she found number lock key, Alice

Missed her post at 10.08

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Working now, thanks; I wasn't using the 'extended keyboard,' something I've never used in my life.

I'd still like to download the symbol app, if someone can find it for me
This is where I bow out, lol! ;)

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You could try using Windows Charmap tool which will display all of the extended character set symbols, where can then Copy and Paste into your documents etc.

To display the 'Charmap' tool:-
- Click the Windows Start menu, type charmap in the 'Search' box, and press Enter.

The Character Map should program should appear.
You could try calling up your word processing program, and changing the font to one of these:
Wingdings 2
Wingdings 3
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@pinkyboyid: Brilliant. Character Map is the one I was looking for (and have used extensively before) but I couldn't remember the name, and therefore couldn't look for it.

@bookbinder: Interesting; I'd like to have a look. But how do I 'call up my word processing programme?'
I assumed that you were using a computer. If so, go to the display that allows you to type letters. That is your word processing program.
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@bookbinder: I am using a computer, but I've had no formal training with one and have always 'played it by ear.' Simple computer-related phrases often bamboozle me. When you say 'call-up my word processing programme,' do you mean I should go into Open Office?
Yes, try Open Office.

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Symbols Not Available On The Keyboard

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