SIGN UP They're Offering 40Gb For £20 A Month On Home Wi-Fi.

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sandyRoe | 08:47 Mon 29th Feb 2016 | Internet
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Is this a good deal? I'm currently with Virgin media, paying for a phone lin I don't use and a TV I rarely watch.


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Paying for broadband, some TV services and the phone line.^^^
Is there a link to the deal? You don't have to have phone or TV with Virgin so why not call them and haggle for a broadband only service?
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It's an advertisement in the local paper.
I've scoured the website and can't see the deal
I get unlimited at 76+ for £29 from BT - it quite often tests as 84. I offset that cost against the savings I make on the web so I think its quite reasonable.
To get 76+Mbps on BT you have to be no more than half a kilometre from the cabinet, so these kind of comparisons don't help. Many urban dwellers aren't that close, let alone rural dwellers.

The thing most people forget to factor in is the £17 pm line fee on BT and all providers using a BT line. You don't have that with Virgin which uses their cable, or mobile providers.
It may be possible to hammer out a good broadband only deal with Virgin.

I'd be concerned about the speed 3 could offer me. If you don't get good mobile reception, forget it
No line rental with Wi-Fi. I pay £20 a month for 20mb with 3. It does everything I need. Probably an introductory offer, sandy. Go for it, I say.
What speed do you get Svejk?
20GB would be no good for me
I wouldn't know, bhg. Like I say, it does what i want it to.
Anything I 'click' on, AB, videos, papers, etc, come up instantly without any buffering problems that I've had in the past.
Perhaps I meant mb. ;)
^Sigh, GB.
Try this, Svejk
It says 79ms
download sp. 5.61Mbps
upload sp. 1.80 Mpbs
That's what I'd expect. Better than some broadband speeds.
That's pretty good; better than I got before I went fibre.
For the laptop users here I exchanged my Broadcom card for an Intel ( cost about £14 ) and my tested speed went from 34 to 76+
I suppose that would vary, depending where you are, with Wi-Fi.
Like I say, I've had no problems.
Has anybody else sen the 40GB for £20 deal?

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