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mayennaise | 22:23 Fri 26th Feb 2016 | Internet
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I've upgraded my phone and manages to sync my old phone to iTunes so that all my apps, contacts etc were put on iTunes. Tried to put the lot back on my new phone but Itunes wont sync the new phone - a warning appears

'' The Iphone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to to download the latest version.''

Tried to do just that and I'm told that I've alredy got the most up to date version!!! back to square one!! Help !!!??!!


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This happened to me a couple of years ago...I had the then latest iPhone but an old laptop, the 2 were no longer compatible. I solved the problem by joining iTunes Match and now, though I have a new laptop, everything's in iCloud.
Jomlett has a point regarding iTunes Match. Just note that all devices must be using the same version of iTunes to sync. I love iTunes. Got mine running wireless through a Sony music centre and a wireless speaker for summer outside.

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Itunes Problem

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