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shaneystar2 | 23:52 Sat 14th Feb 2015 | Internet
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Does anyone know if PayPal is down ?
I've ordered things on line today from two different sources and I usually get an email straight away to confirm my purchase but I've had nothing .
The transactions went through according to my account .


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Hello all
Rain ,sun ,rain ,sun ,chilly .
Hope you're all Ok.
I've got a whole list of things to moan about.If you're sitting comfortably then I'll begin
Trust you to be bang in the front Neti where men in tights are dancing about :)
yesterday I went to an Escher exhibition. Today I am going to Uniqlo to pick up a gilet. What a gadabout I am. The weather seems sttill quite mild out there, no sign of snow yet.
Brr got really chilly. I have had to put on a tracksuit.
Silly Shughy is looking less like a trumpet player and is very sleepy because of the piriton. He has eaten and drunk as normal today and been cheerful so I think we have escaped the V.E.T.
lol @ shaney have a moan if you want to :)
An Escher Eschibition sounds interesting, are your eyes still going round?
Its actually warmer here this evening than it has been all day. I harvested my sweet potato crop today, don't laugh
Oh woofy I'm not laughing, they look delicious, fry them in butter oh yum!

Pie, sauteed cabbage and chips was a delightful repast. But I was stuffed couldn't finish it. Kitchen all washed and cleared away and floor mopped. I've actually made some secret beds for the feral cats outside, just hope they find and use them!
Neti, the thickest are no thicker than my finger :( nothing to cook.
Escher was very good, though I am still in two minds over whether he's an artist or an illusionist.

Wearing my gilet at the keyboard now; it's blue and seems nice and snug.
Woofy, scrub em and fry whole in butter, oh even more yum!
not even worth doing that neti :(
Question Author
You can get an Escher colouring book .I'd be seeing double more than usual though.
Dear little sweet pots there Woofy ,I'd fry them in some butter too.
I can't sit at my keyboard any longer unless you lend me your gilet Jno,it's too chilly so I'm going to bed with my hot cushion and book.
Night all.
not laughing at woofy's harvest

Morning all, it's very cold and dull. Is it the year of the gilet? Everyone seems to buying them. I want a new one (or two) for pegging out....or just looking through the window at the weather really.
I sometimes think I live in an Escher illustration.

morning all. Cute dog Robi. Mine just look resigned :)
Shughy's face is much better today, still a little swollen but he will let me touch it today. Its grey and chilly here. Dogs have gone back to sleep. I don't do gilets because its my arms that get cold.
yes woofy, my everything gets cold, I just like some extra warmth across my back. I was listening to the radio t'other day about Raynaud's & other circulatory ailments and the doc on there said you need to keep your whole body extra warm, not just your hands and feet if you have those probs. I seemed to have developed Raynauds last winter, and I've just noticed my left hand's got a mild two tone effect this morning. Tut.
Question Author
Morning all
Same old weather ,dull and chilly, rain starting in 9mins.How cheerful.
What would I like to see changed ?
a. The weather.
b. My body....for a new one.

I'd like to see my bank account changed for Richard Branson's
according to some magazine I was reading, sleeveless coats are all the go. I don't quite know why you'd want to keep everything warm except your arms. The gilet's just for spring and autumn, really, when my arms aren't going to freeze; or it might do under a heavy coat.
it's nice and warm and sunny here, shaney, except for the warm - it's nippy when I actually go outside. It's possible that that is not really the sun but a blown-up photo of the light in a fridge.
and now it's not nice and warm, it's rather chilly.
and now it's grey and chilly.

Hmmm, everyone must have got trapped in an Escher picture, going round and round infinite staircases unable to escape.
blooming cold here.

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