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shaneystar2 | 23:52 Sat 14th Feb 2015 | Internet
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Does anyone know if PayPal is down ?
I've ordered things on line today from two different sources and I usually get an email straight away to confirm my purchase but I've had nothing .
The transactions went through according to my account .


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Morning..chilly but brightening up.
Yes neti, I'll see Ozzy this morning, well hopefully. It's been even more of a whirlwind for him than last time, he's had to fit in a lot of family and friends and some plans have been changed along the way. I don't like to dwell on him being so far away too much or I'd go mad.

Oh dear jno. I suppose they pumped some air in to see what they were doing? They told me to expect it after my oscopy but it never happened. It's probably still in there waiting for a long queue in the post office to break free.

I had awful jaw pain and still do to a degree but it improved a lot after I had that back tooth out. Today it's the fingers on my right hand....ooooh, such painful joints and very swollen last night, I can't grip anything. The axe throwing's been postponed. :)
sometimes as well as air "inserted" in the course of an operation, the anaesthetic gas itself can cause wind. It does it in dogs as well and when the wind comes out, the whole neighbourhood needs gas masks.....just sayin'
Robi, I had far less jaw joint pain after I had a back tooth removed. The tooth didn't allow the jaw to sit in alignment.
it may just be my system realigning itself... I had no fluid or food for about 14 hours before the op, so it's had a bit of a jolt even though the op itself was fine. Hopefully I will soon stop walking on air.
hope so Jno. If its painful then peppermint tea as hot as you can drink it helps.
Just been out for a very nice lunch in the countryside. Didn't order too much food as they give such huge helpings and we just cannot eat it all, so just had bread and ali oli, olives, fideua which is noodle paella amd much tastier, and a bottle of white fizzy wine, they always give tiny doughnuts away after so no desert was needed. Now home, it is a lovely sunny day, just bearably hot.
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Hello all
Another lovely crisp autumn day here.
Yep, peppy tea Jno, then go for a brisk walk:)
Tut .. I was looking forward to the axe throwing but I know the feeling with the swollen hands .Perhaps a nice massage and a manicure might be better.
Nothing doing here really .Nice picture of the area. My house is the mansion somewhere to your left ,near the church ...the beach looks lovely .
that does look nice, shaney. Were you coming in to your helipad?

I went for a shopping walk and I seem to have deflated... we'll see what another night does for me. All I bought was a nice Heat-tech T-shirt from Uniqlo - sort of trendy thermal underwear, very useful in winter.
Have a hippy happy day xx

Back later, I hope.
Here I is again...bright, clear blue sky and a real feel of 3°C. Oooh.

Baby no. 1 now winging his way back down under. First leg of the journey all on time as was the second departure. Because of the time difference it'll be tomorrow morning before he's home. It was a shame I didn't see quite so much of him this time but good to know he was around.

That's a lovely view shaney, very tranquil. Sorry about the axe hurling, we'll just have to look daggers instead. :)

Well it's not only an empty nest but an empty room. Having some carpet fitted this afternoon and then it'll be preparing for my winter hibernation.
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Happy Birthday Neti .Feliz Cumpleaños and many happy returns .
Enjoy your day.
Happy birthday Neti!! have a wonderful day
Good day and thank you all very much. Having a quiet day, I've sent him off to golf. We went out for a Full English brekkie but not many places open now, (the island closes in 2 weeks) so we ended up have bacone and eggs in a Spanish bar which was fine.

Love that one jno it's going on my facebook cover!

My eye/nose is playing up today looks like I've been beaten up!
Nephew has been feeding good sloppy food into sister and making her drink more and sh feels remarkably better, she really doesn't eat or drink enough, doesn't like spending the money and she's rolling in it, ridiculous!

Sorry not been around been really busy with the usual but mostly getting used to Windows 10. I really like it now that I am.

Happy Birthday Neti hope you have a good day. I know you miss Hija, a lovely daughter. I sometimes wish I had a daughter as well as my sons.

Had a brilliant weekend. Saturday morning went to see the Red Socks girls winning 5-2 then the afternoon to see Brassed Off at Derby Theatre a brilliant performance then in the evening out for dinner to a lovely pub near Elvaston Castle up the road not far from where I live. You know it Robi I bet. Then yesterday went to see Robert de Niro in The Intern. Nothing to shout about, I'm sorry to say but we rounded the weekend off with a meal at the carvery at Littleover Lodge.
Today just catching up with washing etc.

Hope all of you are ok. Jno all's healed well I trust. My final X-ray was ok but the Dr said there was a sign of me having something in the past. I couldn't think of anything but Steady reminded me of when I had to go into hospital after coughing blood and I had to have injections then and an oscopy or something into my lungs which I was really scared of.
Anyway I think I'm back to normal now thanks to whoever is looking after me. See you again soon. Washer has finished now.
Yes shaney that is a lovely photo. I cannot find the church however hard I look!!
glad to hear you're fighting fit, Jude.
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I'll enlarge it for you Neti .

Nice to see you Jude.I expect you're glad the results were Ok.You sound more like the old you .
Are you rolling about on your new carpet Robinia :)
Oh carpet burns! I remember those. :-)

But shaney I want to see your house near the church!

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