A ‘Wanted’ Equivalent To Ebay?

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anaxcrosswords | 17:53 Mon 08th Dec 2014 | Internet
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Does anyone know of a website where I can advertise what I’m looking for as opposed to selling? Searching on Ebay for what I want can be hit and miss – seems sensible to have a website where sellers can search for people who already want an item they’re prepared to sell.


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Where do you live? they are forums out there that are more local that say 'Gumtree'. For example Sheffield Forum have a 'want' section.
I'm going to rewrite that since my phone decided to guess what I wanted to say:

"Where do you live? there are forums out there that are more local than say, 'Gumtree'. For example Sheffield Forum have a 'want' section.
What are you looking for Anax - we might be able to point you in the right direction...
You could try your local paper in wanted items or try your local free ads, gumtree or preloved
'Preloved' What a ghastly term; if it's second hand just say so!
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The local outlets - forums etc - can be useful for general 'readily available' things, but not so good for something more specialised. In my case I'm looking for a Roland TD8 electronic drumkit. There are only 2 currently selling on Ebay, neither with a Buy It Now price, and it seems sensible for someone with such kit to sell to be able to use a website to find a buyer who's already advertised an interest.
You are a man after my own heart. I'm a drummer and that drum kit is awesome. Can I ask why you want electronic drums? I like to thrash out Metallica but not on a electronic drum kit.
eBay used to do 'wantitnow' but scrapped it as it wasn't very successful.

One of the problems is that it can be seen as 'shopping list' for shoplifters and burglars, knowing there is a willing buyer. You could always try Gumtree.
Freecycle is what you wanted. They consider requests of wanted and it's all for free. Try the one in your area and see what they come up with. Good luck.
Freecycle is designed for people who want to give things away, no sell them. As such they have banned 'wanted' ads for expensive items.
Blackadder I did not name the website lol
Hc, they don't sell but they can give and ask for.... So worth a try when you want something believe me! Just ask, you may not get but there's always a chance and I haven't been disappointed in the past either giving or requesting?
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Yeah, it’s an awesome kit – better sounds than any of the TD series before or after (I’m told). Our new drummer has an acoustic kit but we rehearse at the guitarist’s house, so it’d be too loud. Our current drummer (he’s moving to a dep role) has an electronic kit but it’s not that good – rubber pads rather than skin-type – and he’ll be keeping it at home anyway for his own rehearsing.
dunnittall, have you asked for something worth over £1000?

I used to loads of ads requesting 50" tvs before it was stopped.
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Incidentally, this idea of a ‘wanted’ alternative is actually because of the TD8 kit. I was bidding on one about a month ago (for my daughter on that occasion) and had the highest bid up until the final couple of seconds. The winning bid was timed in such a way that by the time I entered a higher bid the auction had finished. The sickener was that I’d driven my daughter to York (from South Manchester) to so she could try the kit first – the seller and myself both believed, because of the low number of bids, that I was likely to win it.
anax, the winner bidder was probably using Just Bid, or something like. It's a service that puts your highest bid in at the last possible moment so the seller, other bidders and watchers have no idea how much interest there is in the item.

It stops the user from getting in to a bidding war, they don't have to be online to win the item.
Doh! I meant Just Snipe
Hc....there have been people requesting/asking for caravans, mobility scooters on my local freecycle... Personally no I wouldn't have the cheek to ask for something like that. However....people do and that's all I am saying. Unless you ask you don't get and sometime,somewhere there may...just MAY... Be people who will have something to give away that you are looking for. I am going on experience locally on the site I am registered why not try your local site is all I am saying to the OP.
I do use FreeCycle all the time - I have received a folding cycle and given a fridge and a very old pc, among other things.

I find there is always a demand for bundles of coat hangers, for some bizarre reason. :D

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A ‘Wanted’ Equivalent To Ebay?

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