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BlackadderV | 13:46 Thu 20th Nov 2014 | Internet
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Anyone having problems? Can't sign in, just keep getting message, 'sorry, unable to proceed with your request, please try again'.


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No problems here, although my main account is set up to gather emails from the others and I keep getting an error message when it tries to retrieve.
It took me about thirty minutes to sign in message though.

Perhaps they're improving the service again......took me a week to sign in last time they did that......☺
its been bloody awful the last couple of days - i've given up today
I can't sign in either. It just freezes.
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What a palaver. Kept telling me that my user id/password was incorrect, which I know they weren't. Tried to reset password only to be told that the code they sent me was incorrect, which it wasn't, shut the damn thing down and reopened it and bingo, straight in.
Had problems this morning, but seems OK now. No apology or explanation!
I think Yahoo Mail must be the most problematic of sites. Continually freezing and regularly subjected to disruption, as it is at present. :-

Still appears to be something wrong though. I tried to access one of the accounts my mine one should be feeding off, and it wouldn’t load. Everything appeared on the page apart from the actual emails, even when I tried basic view. No time-out or anything.
It then took a long time to return to the Yahoo homepage, and logging into my main account was also very slow.

The post by Hans just sort of confirmed the above!
22minutes ago the service was back on line. However, about 5minutes ago, it went down again.

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Mine seems fine now. It must be dropping out and dropping back in again fairly rapidly.
It is Up & Down.... At the moment it is back Up.........But for how long... It's worthwhile keeping an eye on the graph in the link which I have given above.


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