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ginvodka | 23:21 Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Internet
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Hi all,
I'm not very tech savvy, but here goes:
I can't log on to any https websites, through google chrome. I have followed the advice of clearing cache etc...but to no avail. I have gone in to Internet Options and listed the sites I'm trying to connect to (under "trusted sites") still no joy.....Any ideas?

ps for e.g. I am trying to connect to my paypal, amazon accounts


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First, place your cursor over the clock at the bottom right of your screen and check that the correct date is shown. If not, right-click and select 'Adjust Date/Time'.

If the date's OK, try YuvrajKarle's remedy, posted on 17/03/13 here:!topic/chrome/wualkKTMJYs
I'm not a tech wiz but I know a few things you can check that might work!

1. Check if your date & time is correct, is it in sync with the 'internet' time (there's a checkbox you can tick somewhere in the 'adjust time/date' window that allows you to sync). Sometimes if the date/time is out it won't connect to https sites properly

2. Do you have a google admin icon anywhere? If so click on that then go into security and click on basic settings. Find the 'general' tab and then the SSL section. Tick or untick the box by 'enable SSL'. If you are unticking the box though, make sure you are using the internet over a secure network, ie at home, not in a public domain.
If you can't find the icon and have a gmail account, log into your gmail and it's somewhere there, possibly under the 'more' tab if you can't see an 'admin' icon. If you don't have gmail then I'm not too sure where it'd be, sorry.

If neither of those make a difference then I'm afraid I can't help any further. That's about as much as my tech knowledge stretches to!

Good luck
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Thanks for advice, tried all that...still no joy....feel like throwing pc at wall now :(
That sucks. Have you tried logging onto https sites through internet explorer instead of google chrome or do you only have google chrome?
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I've just had a quick look on the internet and one suggestion was to delete the following file

C:\Users\[DAVID]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Certificate Revocation Lists

Obviously the [DAVID] bit would be replaced with the name of your user account! Worth a try if you haven't already?!!
Here's a couple of other things that worked for people with the same problem....sorry if you've already tried them!!

Ok here's what worked for me:
1. Go to Settings in chrome
2.Click on "Show advanced settings..."
3.Then under network click "Change proxy settings..." Internet properties dialog box would appear.
4.Go to "advanced" tab
5.Scroll until you get "Security"
6.NOW THIS IS THE IMPORTANT STEP Uncheck the following:

Check the following

Your're Done Just save the changes and restart chrome :)

Or try....

If it is a normal website that would be add :80 to force it to check port 80.
if that doesn't work try 443 for secure http
Once your browser gets it right it stays right. Same situation if they get it wrong. But you shouldn't have to spoon-feed your browser its port after that.

Fingers crossed for you!!

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