How Do I Enable Cookies In My Preferences To Continue.

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impact5 | 12:15 Tue 14th Oct 2014 | Internet
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can some one tell me how to find cookies


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I think more info is needed from you for anyone to answer.

What exactly are you trying to do that requires you to 'enable cookies'. ? What operating system are you using. (Windows Vista; W7; W8; or whatever) ? What Browser is involved (Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; Firefox etc.


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go on facebook, w7 google
I am completely lost by your reply to my questions.

For your information, I Do Not use Facebook, and whilst I endeavour to help all ABers who have Technical Problems, it would appear that I am Not able to be of any real assistance to you in this instance.

Perhaps an AB Facebooker will come along and be more helpful.

if they say "allow cookies", just click yes?

I have my browser set to delete all cookies whenever I leave the internet.
@jno... You say...."I have my browser set to delete all cookies whenever I leave the internet".

Surely this means that you have to 'log-in' every-time you use AB and have an element of problems traversing the site because, on each occasion, you are regarded as a new user.

I do, Hans; but it isn't a problem. Better than a constant stream of ads trying to sell me things, in my opinion. It is like being new born every day.
jno - if you are using Firefox (or a 64 bit version of it) then try the add-on Self-Destructing Cookies which results in the only retained cookies being for sites that you set in a whitelist. All others are deleted as soon as you no longer have any open tabs for their sites. Combined with disallowing third-party cookies in FF options, it provides an excellent level of privacy.
oh that's interesting, thanks, Bibblebub.
Hi again jno.....It's surprising the 'add-ons' there are for Firefox. I never sign-out from AB and, thanks to an unmentionable add-on, am Not subjected to unwanted adverts. I agree with you that bibblebub has put forward an interesting one.

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How absolutely charming impact.
You find cookies by looking in the cookie jar. That's the pretty porcelain one with the country scene, and the brass lid, on your sideboard over there.
And fundamentally wrong too
Tsk, folk rubbing each other up the wrong way ? Calm down folks.

I'm unsure how you enable cookies save to suggest looking at the Internet Options from the browser menu and seeing if there is something you need to tick or untick.

Usually one is simply informed that cookies are used.

But again I suggest either the browser settings or the Internet one from the control panel. Have a look in both.
@impact5......I decline the offer to kiss your ***. I had been wishing to be of some assistance to you, but being in your opinion a 'dumbell' it is better that I refrain from commenting any further ; despite the fact that I am Not sure if you are using Google Chrome as a Browser or 'plain' Google as a Search Engine.

you will get no help here being so rude !

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How Do I Enable Cookies In My Preferences To Continue.

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