No Email From My Isp Home Telecom

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vetuste_ennemi | 16:08 Thu 22nd Aug 2013 | Internet
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Any of you guys ex Bulldog customers, and if so are you having the same problems as I am? Bulldog went to Pipex to TalkTalk to Home Telecom. In July they "upgraded" the mail server for their inherited Bulldog clients. A week ago last Monday I stopped being able to use the email services because of unrecognised password. After ten days the service is still unavailable. They claim that all ex Bulldog customers are affected and that their technical team are still wotking to resolve the problem. Doesn't compute, does it? Ten days? I'm using MS Outlook, by the way. But there's a which I can't use either.


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No Email From My Isp Home Telecom

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