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fatgaz | 16:48 Wed 31st Jul 2013 | Internet
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hi peeps, got a strange one here, mate has a dell laptop running vista prem i think, he has had probs opening email attachments from his yahoo mail account, it says it detected a virus and stopped the download, so i sent him an email with attachment..... same thing, could open email but not attachment so i went round and helped him set up a hotmail/outlook account and still the same cannot open any attachments due to virus detection, he has avg 8.5 free so i turned off email scanning but no good, any thoughts, thanks in advance gaz


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forgot to mention he is running ie 8 or 9 and have reset that as well
When he gets the message about a virus whar program is telling him this?

It could be that he has a malware "virus reporting" program running.

Download Malwarebytes. Scan the computer, let it clear anything it finds. BEFORE restarting after cleaning turn off System Restore as anything nasty could reload from System Restore. After restarting, scan again. Once clean after a restart, turn back on System Restore.
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will turning off sys restore delete all the restore points, just want to know cause if he asks then i can tell him, thanks for replying tuvok
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there is no specific program creating the message, from what i can remember its like a long rectangular box at the bottom of the screen and i think it has a yellow tringle or something like thatin it as well as the warning

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Cant Open Attachments

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