Firefox or Internet Explorer 9?

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Kristal53 | 11:58 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Internet
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As above - or is there something even better? Getting out of a 'surfing rut' -have downloaded IE 9 and don't like it as much as IE 8 but can't get it back - perhaps time for a complete change and my kids use Firefox on their PC's but say I'll lose all my favourites -is this true?


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Try it and see what you think...

when you install firefox it will give you the option to copy your favourites over from IE automatically.

If you don't like it just uninstall it

(you can uninstall IE9 BTW and go back to 8)
I have enjoyed using Chrome much more than either firefox or IE.
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If I uninstall IE9 and reinstall IE 8 will I lose my favourites?
There is a folder in your user folder called favourites, just make a copy of that somewhere else and your favourites will always be safe.

But no, removing IE9 won't effect your favourites.
Just choose the one you prefer.

In my experience one can port over favourites anyway, but if you have both clients installed then nothign lost anyway.
NOTHING !!!!!!!!!

Why do these changes in what one types flash up bold and unmissable 1 microsecond after hitting the 'Submit' button ?
you can save you favs, export them to your docs folder then if you use another browser you can import them from there
Firefox has become a bit of a pain with its frequent major version upgrade cycle.

This is not just a matter of how they number the releases but a fundamental change in their upgrade strategy. In software a minor version upgrade normally maintains an API that continues to support the same plugins without modification.

Major version upgrades do not necessarily support backwards compatibility and the plugins often need to be modified and recompiled for the change. It allows for more rapid development but some of the Firefox plugin writers are beginning to get the sh1ts with having to do this so often now.

Many former Firefox devotees are also tired of the constant upgrade cycle and dealing with the consequent plugin upgrades and have moved their allegiance to Chrome.
My PC recently updated to IE 9 all by itself, as part of the auto update system. I didn't like it and tried to get IE 8 back but Microsoft wouldn't allow me.

But I have been using IE 9 for two weeks now and I have now got used to it. If we didn't have these updates every so often, we would all still be using Windows 95 !
IE 9 isn't so different, so give it a try.
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mikey - its taken me the best part of a morning to get back to IE8 and after trying everything including using the command prompt, in the end had to do a sytem restore that worked. I'm quite happy with IE8 and believe that whats not broken don't fix it. Hopefully I've disabled automatic update cos I really did'nt like the IE9.
You shouldn't disable automatic updates as they are very important security and OS wise. IE9 is the preferred Microsoft browser for your OS and now that Windows 8 is about to be released IE10 will come with it. IE8 will probably lose support eventually as XP is finally put to rest . If you dont like IE9 then try something else but leave it installed as it is used from time to time by the OS to work.
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I haven't disabled the updates -just the automatic downloading of them - I'm prompted there are downloads and then choose if i want to install them.
How can my OS need IE9? I've reloaded IE8 (not an easy task beleive me) which is what I've been using since I got my laptop and it came with Vista. so no Ive got back to 'normal' and OS is working just fine
It is Microsoft that insist that you use IE9 and it will come as an update for Vista and Windows 7 .The bottom line is that it is a security issue and it is their idea that you use the most up to date version of IE that suits your OS. It is your choice but they have your best interest at heart.
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hi galeck - well I've given up trying to keep IE8 as every time I reboot my laptop it re-installs IE9. guess I'll just have to get used to it or try something else.
Chrome is my browser of choice. I never go anywhere near IE apart from testing websites.

You can find out when support for a Microsoft product expires here: http://support.micros...rer+8&Filter=FilterNO
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mark -I've just downloaded chrome and I like it! - its simple to use so that's probably why. Just a quick question - why do you use IE9 to 'test' websites - is Chrome not as safe? BTW I'm using MSE .
If you write websites you should check them in as many different browsers as possible to ensure that it looks and works OK in all of them.

I've recently swapped to chrome from firefox purely because youtube videos never played smoothly in firefox and they do in chrome.
IE9 integrates with advanced features in Windows Vista and 7. Using IE8 or lower does not take advantage of that capability. That is also the reason why IE9 cannot run on XP.

Just get used to IE9.
Here is some technical information about why IE9 is better.

It also explains why Chrome and IE are far superior to Firefox for security. I don't know if Firefox has since lifted its game as part of their onslaught of upgrades.

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