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chelle7272 | 13:02 Sat 19th Nov 2011 | Internet
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I have virgin broadband connection at home, for a desktop PC. I would like to get a laptop and a wireless connection. What do I need? Is it just a router attached to the modem?
Do I need to go to Virgin for this or could I set it up myself? Does nayone know what the additional cost would be? (For the wireless connection, not the laptop)

Thanks in advance


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Any cable router will be fine. Here's a selection.

I have a linksys that works very well.
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Thank you
Do you have the modem and router from Virgin or the superhub? either of these options will give you the ability to get wireless without buying anything else.
A standard Virgin Media cable modem most certainly won't provide a wireless network - mine doesn't. As has been stated, the OP will need to acquire a router with wireless functionality.
I have Virgin Media cable and recently upgraded to 30mbps from 20mbps (and my cost went down).

They gave me a Superhub in the process which provides wi fi.

Note the superhub is a combined modem/router so if you have a separate modem and router from Virgin it is worth looking to upgrade.
Before you go out and buy, contact Virgin and talk them into sending you one. I just re-negotiated my package and got them to send me a replacement wireless router for pc and laptop.
Be aware that if you do that, you'll be locking yourself in to a new 12 month contract.
When I went wireless I phoned TalkTalk, my provider, and they said the router I already had which was provided by them was a wireless one so it didn't cost me a penny.
ladybirder, that is a totally different system with a totally different company.
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Thank you all for your answers. I'll contact Virgin first and go from there.

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