Can I run Norton 360 on BT Yahoo! and Google Chrome?

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Old Salt | 19:26 Thu 08th Sep 2011 | Internet
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I like the speed of Chrome, but everything I have setup is with BT Yahoo!. And some of my websites only like I8E or I9E.

I have been wondering if it would be possible to setup my Dell N7010 X64 laptolp so that Norton 360 would run on both at the same time. That way, when required, I could quickly drop back to BT Yahoo!, and when finished simply return to Google Chrome.

Or is it going to be one of those situations where 'not everything works properly, all the time?'

Might be nice to try, but, I sure don't want to change anything permanently before I'm sure.

Right now I'm just thinking out loud.

Old Salt


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Your choice of browser should have nothing to do with your security software (unless you've somehow configured that software with some ludicrously over-cautious settings).

I use Firefox as my main browser but I occasionally launch Internet Explorer (without needing to close Firefox) in order to answer a question about the way that it works. Similarly, a few minutes ago I launched Chrome (in order to answer a question about it), while still leaving Firefox running. It would never even occur to me to have to make any changes to my security software in order to switch browsers. (Also, an internet café which I often use has IE, Firefox and Chrome on every machine, with different users preferring different browsers. The security software certainly doesn't need altering every time a new user walks in!)

You can have dozens of different browsers on your laptop (with them all running simultaneously, if you like). Your security software shouldn't need any alterations whatsoever (except, possibly, to allow for those browsers to receive automatic updates).

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thanks for the reply buenchico


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Can I run Norton 360 on BT Yahoo! and Google Chrome?

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