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sddsddean | 20:42 Sun 09th May 2010 | Electronics
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I've got one of those turntables that has a USB end on so you can copy your good old vinyl onto the PC as a MP3. The turntable also has red and a white 'phono jacks' so you can connect another source to it and thus copy from another source onto the PC. I've loads of tapes I'd like to copy, but my tape deck is in a system and there is no audio out sockets on the back for the red/white jacks to go in. So, I thought, can you use the headphone jack and wire a couple of red /white sockets on it (or perhaps you can buy them made up...don't know) to do the job? Would the quality be good enough?


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Yes you can use the headphone socket to provide the output you require. However you'll need to keep the volume set to a very low level, in order to avoid distortion. Your nearest branch of Maplin electronics can supply a suitable lead to make the connection.

You've not stated whether your tape deck has a small headphone socket - of the type found on modern radios and similar devices - or the old larger jack socket. If it's the small (3.5mm) socket you need one of these:
If it's the larger (¼") socket you'll also need one of these:

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Thanks Chris

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Headphone jack/audio out

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