DVD disc nomenclature

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Khandro | 15:12 Fri 26th Mar 2010 | Electronics
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What is the difference between DVD+R discs and DVD-RW dics, and what does 4x speed or 16 x mean please.


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DVD+R and DVD-RW are different methods of wtriting the data to disk, created by different companies and neihter yet gained dominance. Most drives will support both.

4x 16x 729x they are all measures of how fast the drive is. There is a "standard" speed for a drive, and these days all drives will run at multiples of that speed. The bigger the xnumber, obviously the faster.
RW supports wrting to the drive.
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Thank you O.G. Am I correct in thinking one needs 'finalizing' before it can be played on other equipment and one doesn't?
I don't do a lot of writing to CD/DVD, but yes. As I recall things, domestic players expect to find certain data in certain places on the disk, or it doesn't know what to do with the data files. Whereas a PC is less specialised and can work out what to do with a file, to a certain extent. So one "finalises" a disk, adding the bits the domestic player needs to make sense of it all.

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DVD disc nomenclature

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