Power Devil petrol lawnmower electrical problem

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Alternator | 00:37 Thu 27th Nov 2008 | Electronics
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Hi , i cannot get a good spark at the plug , the plug is new, the gap is right , when i visibly inspect the plug as i crank the engine , there is no spark ( obviously i am doing this with the spark plug removed from engine ) ..... So what could be the problem and explanation / theory ...... and what is the correct procedure to trace the fault from the plug to right back to the initial point where the electric spark originates from , please do name the correct terms and test equipment which may be used to rectify / trace the above problem .


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correct terms??? .... here ......???

did you touch the thread of the plug to the cylinder case?
(you have to complete the circuit)

if no spark ... take the cap off and try the end of the lead (no further away than the gap ... but not touching

if still not ... make sure you have low tension power ... then remove the plugleadand try a grounded piece of flex to the bit the lead connects to

the equipment is called a length of wire .... the detector is called your eye .... sorry to dissapoint ... but the most technical thind you need is a testlamp to prove power to the low voltage feed
most lawnmowers in my experience have magneto ignition so you wouldn't be able to check for low tension voltage.

If you can find the wires coming of the magneto and you have a multimeter then you can check the resistance across the secondary coil to see if it's gone open circuit, if it has then a new magneto is needed. (or if it has a resistance too low it may have shorted out, much below about 3Kohm on the secondary coil and it may have shorted)

I would venture to guess the problem is the "COIL".
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Where does the coil go .........please no funny remarks !!!
,So as i was enquiring to your answer ( Themi-joseph ) where would the coil be located on my petrol lawnmower ??? i thought that coils are only fitted to much larger engines Ignition System etc.

P.S. ...Come on boys dont by shy keep coming up with more Information !!! ......Thanks.
So just what homework/coursework/exam is this for then?
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I have been looking on the internet and found out the actual coil is within the magnito ignition device , and as you ( ChuckFickens ) have suggested i will try to check the secondry coil winding with a multimeter to see what the resistance is like , that is when this snow clears up !!!

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Power Devil petrol lawnmower electrical problem

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