Replacement ear covers for headphones

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Gromit33 | 18:06 Fri 07th Nov 2008 | Electronics
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Does anyone know where you can purchase replacement ear covers for headphones- the cheap foam kind which last about 5 mins? I can only find rubber ones, but don't want those.
Guess I'll probably end up buying new headphones, probably easier : -(
Thanks to anyone who can help.


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There are some on ebay...
or maplins
I've just re-read the question

is this actually a headline - a bit like the cat ran away with the spoon?

Replacement ear covers for headphones
the ear formerly attached to the back of a mouse confessed to police that it was indeed lurking at the side of the prime minister's head,the earphones were no where near the scene at the time.

a bit zen even by by standards

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Replacement ear covers for headphones

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