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ceejay123 | 20:20 Wed 27th Aug 2008 | Electronics
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HI I have asked this question before but our lass lost the answer which i had printed out.

We have a brand new (early 2008) Sony DVD Recorder/ player with hard drive and "free view" A Sony T V and a Sony V H S player and 3 "scart" leads.
Yet, we are incapable, between us, of fathoming out how to record onto disc, our V H S home videos.
All we seem to get is the various shopping channels "our Peg" watches.
Please will someone explain (in dumb speak) how we do this!!!
Many thanks frustrated Chris


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Try this connection wizard first to see if it's wired up proerly rd.html

The reason you're recording shopping channels is you need to select a different source than the digital tuner. On the remote will be a source button and this will switch between av1 (Scart ) av2 (front panel connector) dtt and analogue tuner. If the VHS is on Scart then select av1 and do a test recording onto hard disc. Check you can play it back ok then transfer all the tapes onto hdd. I do this at home and add in chapters later on, trim and add menus before burning to dvd. Good thing is once on dvd if another member of the family want a copy it'll do a high speed dub in a few minutes even if the disc is 3 hours long.
You may take a look at this guide, it's about how to capture video from VHS to computer and burn to DVD, it works pretty well for me s-tape-video-vcr-to-dvd.html
Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.

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