electric fan - how much does it cost to run?

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looobylooo | 15:20 Thu 01st May 2008 | Electronics
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does anyone know roughly how much an hour it costs in electricity to use a 12" desk fan please?
thank you


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Next to nothing!

A quick Google search shows that a typical 12" desk fan has a 50W motor. That means that one hour's use will consume just one twentieth of a kilowatt-hour of electricity. A kilowatt hour of electricity typically costs around 10p to 12p, depending upon your tariff so, roughly, the cost of running the fan is only about 0.5p or 0.6p per hour.

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thank you chris for your very helpful answer, very much appreciated, thanks alot :o)
I'm blown away by that!
motor=power (usually) ... I'd have guessed much higher
To rate the motor in kilowatts remember that 1kw=1000w so to work out how much of a unit (kw/hour)you use;
(50/1000)x the price of a unit=cost per hour.
So now you can work it out for all your appliances! lol.
Have you any ideas to how accurate Chris's answer was?
As it is now some two tears after your enquiry, I guess that we can add around 50% to this cost, making it around £0.008 per hour?
You look cool enough to me anyway!

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electric fan - how much does it cost to run?

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