Dodgy dvd player?

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technoweasel | 19:39 Wed 23rd Jan 2008 | Electronics
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I bought a Bush 2054divx dvd player from Argos last week, which didn't come with a scart lead. To test out the player I used my own cable, which I normally use with my freeview box. No luck! The picture was jumping all over the place, and the sound was skipping too... and this was just at the start screen before even trying a disk.
I phoned Bush 'customer services' and they told me to try another scart cable and if that didn't work to bring it back for a refund. Seeing as the scart cable was working fine with freeview, and had worked for past dvd players, I took a chance and brought it back to Argos, who gave me a replacement.
Now the new player is doing exactly the same thing! I've tried it with a new scart lead and no improvement. Bush customer support told me to take it back, again, but what are the odds of 2 machines being faulty?

Some points to consider:
A friend recommended changing the player settings from RGB to S-video... and it worked! Picture is fine, sound too. Why would this work and not the RGB through the scart? I'd rather have it working 100% through the scart, in RGB mode. Could my tv be interfering with something?

It's almost like the player is 'losing' the scart signal, the picture goes crazy every time a new chapter loads on a dvd and shows a terrestrial channel number... but pressing the tv remote's AV button resets it to normality. That is until the next chapter (including notices/adverts at the start of disks).

Right, that's quite the essay to read through. I'll buy you a pint if you manage to wade through it and come up with some sort of answer. That and if you live in Durham city.



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Most likely the fault is with your TV's auto-switching function on the RGB AV input.

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Dodgy dvd player?

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