Sky + Box into pc?

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Qmark78 | 15:54 Tue 28th Aug 2007 | Electronics
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Is it possible to plug a sky + into a pc (if so is it via usb?)
and it will show as a removable disk??


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I assume you are trying to access the files on the hard drive of the Sky+ box and not just watch tv programmes on the PC screen?
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Simple answer is you can't do that with Sky hard drives because
1. The Sky box records the encoded data from the dish and decodes the video on playback using the electronics in the Sky box.
2. The data on the hard drive is not compatible with Windows ( the drive is not FAT32 )
3. The data is also encrypted.

For more info see this link hp/t-333136.html

If you just want to watch the Sky box on the PC screen look here php?t=451885&highlight=connect+sky+to+pc

There's plenty of people asking the same question on Digital Spy, try typing something like "connecting sky box to pc" in the search box at the top of the page.
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Thanks for your help

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Sky + Box into pc?

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