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LostSheep | 21:46 Thu 10th May 2007 | Electronics
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I'm thinking of replacing my basic dvd player & video player with a dvd recorder. I was just going to get a straight forward dvd recorder but I've noticed that the ones with a hard drive aren't that much more expensive. I was just wondering what I should be looking for - I'd like to be able to watch one channel and record a programme on another channel, pause and start a film or footie match and it would be good if it was easy to setup and use. I found this one which seemed quite reasonable but I'm not sure - Sony RDR-HX525 - fo3/index.asp?product_id=11013
Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated? TIA


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That one is no good.

You need a digital twin tuner, so you can record one digital channel and watch another. You may not have digital tv now, but you will eventually.

At the moment you can get cheap hard drive freeview twin tuner recorders from places like Tesco for around �80

As far as I know this one has not got the ability to play dvd disks. If you pay more you can buy a similar machine that plays disks and burns your recordings to disk as well -- very useful if you want to watch your recordings on another tv or just keep them. Mine is a Philips.

I suggest you buy a good specialist review magazine - Home Cinema or similar - so you know what is available and the sort of prices you should expect to pay.

But it is very important to have the digital twin tuner.
has your philips dvd recorder got a twin tuner,
did you have any trouble with auto set up, i have a philips
recorder model number dvdr 3440H, when i used auto
set up, it tuned in the channels ok, but it only gave the recognised terrestial numbers to 2 channels, the other
channels were assigned 3 digit numbers, i have tried to
alter them with no luck.
Also look at the combined video/dvd recorders which are getting really cheap and are about the same price as a dvd recorder!

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