Amstrad Sky digibox problem

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LostSheep | 19:28 Sun 14th Jan 2007 | Electronics
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Having a problem with the above in that it won't come out of standby (just getting the red light and it won't change to green). Using the buttons on the box doesn't work and if I try using the remote, the box doesn't even flicker like it's not receiving a signal from the remote. I've checked all the cables at the back and I've turned the box off at the wall for 30 seconds, turned it back on and tried again but still no joy. Any other things I could try or is the box dead and I should think about getting a replacement? Where would the best place be to get a replacement digibox? Thanks for any help received!


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sounds like it has locked up, possibly a bad power supply. try leaving unplugged 24 hours. Has it got good ventilation? those things tend to run hot. If no joy, take it to a tech and see if they can advice or give you a quote for rep�ir.

In any case, Amstrad is not a very good brand , I'd spend a little more and hopefully get a better one..

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Amstrad Sky digibox problem

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